First visit to the hospital and hopefully the last for 5 more months!

Yesterday morning I woke up feeling horrible.  I had a headache for 2 days, which I just thought was due to normal pregnancy hormone issues.  I have had two other incidences of migraine headaches this pregnancy.  I have never had a migraine before and I will say I feel horrible for anyone who deals with these in non-pregnant life – no fun at all!  Both times, the headache felt better after I threw up, but this weekend, the headache would not go away.  I called the doctor who actually told me to drink some caffeine and take tylenol.  Then, this morning in addition to the headache that would not go away, I thought my morning sickness was back as I felt pretty queasy for a couple of hours.  By nighttime, I started to feel feverish and achey.  After 24 hours of not keeping anything down, I called the doctor again and was told to come into the Labor and Delivery Triage unit in the hospital.  Once there, the doctor decided I probably had a stomach virus, and I needed IV fluids since I was pretty dehydrated.  After a couple of hours, and once I could keep down some ginger ale and crackers, I was free to go home.  As we walked out of the hospital, I said that I hope we don’t need to be back there until the babies come in five months.  Fingers crossed that we have smooth sailing from here on out!

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