CCRM Refund

I had left a message with the CCRM Business Office a couple of weeks ago, after I graduated, to follow up on my credit balance with them, but I never got a call back, so I called again today. I guess I assumed the business office would automatically process our refund after they received payment from our insurance for our transfer costs and I graduated. In actuality, we need to follow up with them when our care is complete in order to get our refund check. So for the first time, I can expect a check in the mail by the end of next week FROM CCRM for a couple of thousand dollars (about half being the original deposit we put down at our ODWU, which feels like forever ago, by the way!)

After I just hung up the phone, I thought to myself, will I ever type CCRM into the contacts section of my phone again? Is the CCRM chapter of my life really over? I called the general number and listened to the menu before getting the extension for the business office. It was so weird to remember calling to get the prompt for new patients or current patients scheduling appointments – what a road it has been! I can’t help but say a prayer for everyone starting out their journey at CCRM now. I hope for them to feel mostly hope and excitement, because now that I feel like I’m on the other side, my brain has dulled the scary and painful memories, and I remember CCRM only as a place where miracles are made!

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