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After a request for an update, I logged back into my old blog to write one more post.  I found myself rereading some of my old posts and I realized that first, two years ago tomorrow I found out I … Continue reading

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More than worth the wait…

This is the post that I dreamed about writing one day… I am beyond thrilled to announce that my baby girls were born at 34 weeks 5 days, on September 27, 2013. The past month has been everything I wished … Continue reading

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20 weeks! It’s a…

Here is our little GIRL, formerly known as Baby A!  🙂 (Note: Baby B photobombed with a little foot in the background.  😉 )           Here is our other little GIRL, formerly known as Baby B!  🙂

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Mother’s Day

Even though my pregnancy seems to be progressing well so far, and I woke up to Happy Mother’s Day flowers from my husband, it doesn’t feel like this day has anything to do with me since I don’t have a … Continue reading

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CCRM Refund

I had left a message with the CCRM Business Office a couple of weeks ago, after I graduated, to follow up on my credit balance with them, but I never got a call back, so I called again today. I … Continue reading

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First visit to the hospital and hopefully the last for 5 more months!

Yesterday morning I woke up feeling horrible.  I had a headache for 2 days, which I just thought was due to normal pregnancy hormone issues.  I have had two other incidences of migraine headaches this pregnancy.  I have never had … Continue reading

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NT Scan

Today was our NT scan, and man, was it cool! My husband couldn’t come to the appointment because of work, so my mom came with me, which made it extra fun. The twins are looking more and more like actual … Continue reading

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13 weeks!

Today is the day! I know I have said these words so many times over the past year, but today is yet another notable day in the journey.  Around 11AM, my mom said to me, “you seem pretty energetic today,” … Continue reading

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Graduation Day! :)

Today I received THE call. Looking back over the past 8 months there have been quite a few of THE calls: the first call for our phone consultation with Dr. S., the call giving the all clear to start stims, … Continue reading

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10 weeks

I can’t believe we’ve made it ten weeks!  I took off my last Vivelle patch this morning and I’m now down to one Estrace pill, 2 Endometrin suppositories, a baby aspirin, and my prenatal vitamins each day. I admitted to … Continue reading

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