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Trigger Tonight!

While waiting to cycle at CCRM, I would read other blogs and dream about the day I would write a blog entry entitled, “Trigger Tonight!” Today is that day. After this, I’m looking forward to the posts “Beta 1,” “First … Continue reading

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First Day in Denver

This morning I woke up in sunny Denver, ready to get the show on the road! I rented the cheapest car from Hertz at the airport last night, using the CCRM discount code, and ended up with a minivan at … Continue reading

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In flight

For 21 years I was never afraid to fly, but then one stormy flight home from St. Louis while I was in college changed that forever.   It was the kind of flight that elicits applause and cheers from the passengers … Continue reading

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This is either easier than I thought, or I’m doing it wrong.

Today is day 4 of stim meds, and the shot I’m due to take in one hour may be the first one I do without watching the MedTeach video…again.  🙂  I just feel so much pressure to do this right, … Continue reading

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